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All you need to know and more!

What happens if you spill over your cowhide?

If you spill on it, it won't immediately soak-in, the liquid will ball up and you can wipe it off.
If necessary, take it outside and lightly hose it off, use a small amount of dish soap if needed. Dry it on a flat surface, not in the sun

How to regularly care for it?

Sweep it or take it outside and shake it out for everyday cleaning, you can also vacuum it, we just don't suggest to do it more than twice per week.
If the hide starts to curl on the edges, take equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water, spray down the area and let it dry.

How durable are cowhides?

Cowhides are very durable, remember, they were cows and lived outside getting wet, muddy, and running through barbwire fences.
Let your kids and pets roll all over them!

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